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Five Creative and Useful Ways to Use a Dry Bag

Dry bags come in many sizes and colors. With a little creativity, they may also serve many purposes. For that reason, they've become an essential camping gear item for many.


The Many Uses of a Dry Bag

1. Keep your items dry

Let’s start with the obvious…and then quickly move on to more exciting ideas. Yes, a dry bag works to keep your items dry. Pack up your supplies and gear, fold over the edges a few times and clip the bag closed. It’s simple!


2. Clean your clothing and gear in a dry bag 

Just as dry bags excel at keeping water out, they excel at keeping water in. Roll down your drybag a few times and set it on a stable, flat surface. Add some water, and soap and voilà! You have a mini washing machine ready for your dirty items.

Here’s a great video to walk you through how to wash your clothing by hand using your dry bag. 

Wondering how to get your clothes ultra-dry in a hurry? Check out this technique developed by Sheila, a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Lava. It will save you hours of waiting for your clothes to dry. 


3. Wash your dishes

Set up your dry bag the same as you would to wash your clothes and gear: fill it with a few cups of water and some soap and you’re ready to wash your camp dishes.

Either hand-dry the dishes with the Lava Mini. Or spread out your Mini at your site and set your dishes on the towel to air dry.


4. Wash yourself

The drybag works for everything from a quick rinse of the face, to a scrub of the feet to a full body cleansing.

For those of you who prefer to rinse your face in the mornings:

  1. Add some water to your dry bag…maybe a bit of cold water and a bit of hot water left over from making your tea or coffee (to lessen the shock).
  2. Scrub your face and rinse clean.
  3. Then, use your favorite adventure towel to dry off.

This set up is also great for times when you would like to freshen up, but don’t need a full-body cleansing. You can rinse your face, wash your hands, and perhaps your feet before crawling under the covers for the night.

For a full-body cleansing, add a little soap to your dry bag filled with water, grab your washcloth or sponge and scrub yourself clean. Then dry off with your Lava Mini or Lava Classic!

For tips on how to bathe the eco-friendly way in the great outdoors, check out this article.  


5. Store your wet or stinky items

Because dry bags are sealable and so easy to clean, they’re also of an ideal design to store dirty items to prevent from coming in contact with your clean and dry clothing and gear. These items may include muddy shoes, clothes, gear, wetsuits, etc.


There you go! Five uses for a dry bag to minimize your gear and to keep you clean and happy. What other ways do you use this key piece of gear? Leave a comment below!


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