One towel. Every adventure.

Premium Quality

Our flax and hemp fibers are woven at the perfect weight into a premium French flax linen and a hemp/flax blend. Our mill partners, in Northern France and Norther Ireland, have been in existence for almost 200 and 10 years respectively. Both recognize that creating high-end linen and hemp is as much an art as a science.

High Performing

High performing gear is crucial and we aim to make the best. The fibers of flax and hemp plants are hollow which is, in part, why our linen is ultra-absorbent, fast-drying and great at wicking away moisture.


Flax and hemp, the plants from which we source our fibers, are extremely climate-friendly, carbon-sink plants requiring no pesticides and no artificial irrigation when grown in their optimal climate.


Composed of the strongest fibers nature provides, Lava towels are made to last through years of adventuring becoming even more supple over time.


With a simple, thoughtful and classic look, our designs are meant to always be pleasing to the eye and invigorating to the soul.


Lava towels are designed to be functional, versatile and to use the full width of the material leaving behind zero wasted fabric.


With colors inspired by natural landscapes and great functionality, Lava towels are designed to inspire and motivate adventurers to explore more of the outdoors, more often and to stay out longer!


We believe that multi-purpose, outdoor gear is key to packing less and enjoying the outdoors more.


We’re a team of highly skilled professionals who take pride in our work and value the opportunity to share our creations with you!


Our team is comprised of curious humans with the shared attitude of “Why not?” 

Climate Advocates

Caring for and improving the health of our planet is a responsibility we take seriously. We consider our impact on the environment and work to limit our footprint with every business and product decision we make.


We aim to make a difference in the world by showing respect, kindness, understanding and generosity. It is of no matter to us a person’s age, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. Further, every person deserves a safe and healthy work environment, fair wages and health care.

Our Certifications

Climate Neutral Certified

Every year, we measure, reduce and offset 100% of our carbon footprint through Climate Neutral, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to decreasing global carbon emissions.

One Tree Planted Partner

In partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation, we plant one tree for every item sold.

Masters of Linen Certified Material

This certification guarantees linen with European traceability at each processing step; natural, sustainable and local, from European Flax® fibre to yarn and fabric. Flax grown for Masters of Linen certified material is grown with zero pesticides, no irrigation and no GMOs.