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Lava Linen Travel Towel

Upgrade to the Lava Eco-friendly Adventure Towel

Say goodbye to your flimsy, stinky, nonabsorbent travel towel.

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Lava towels absorb up to 50% more water than microfiber towels of the same size.

Made with ultra-durable materials, reinforced seams and a lifetime repair policy, Lava towels are made to last.

With hollow fibers, Lava towels dry fast. Even better, in a pinch, you can pack them up wet without worrying about them getting stinky because they're naturally antimicrobial.

Made in the USA with climate-friendly natural fiber materials, Lava towels shed zero microplastics into our waterways and soil.

Decide You're Done Compromising

Until now, you had no choice but to unenthusiastically reach for your flimsy, nonabsorbent, often stinky microfiber towel. Now that the Lava towel exists, those of us who seek the best of the best are no longer forced to settle.

LAVA MINI - absorbent enough to dry your whole body, compact enough to fit in the smallest of packs. It is the size of a large hand towel. 

LAVA CLASSIC - large enough to provide full coverage. It is the size of a bath towel. 

LAVA DUO - offers the most flexibility. It includes one Mini and one Classic.

Eco-friendly towels

If blue skies, ocean waves, or flowing creeks energize you, go for the Caribbean Blue.

If you are invigorated by the color of growth, renewal and nature, then you’ve gotta go with Maui Green.

Pack your new Lava towel for your next adventure

Head into the mountains or the woods, dive into the ocean or the lake, go to the gym or yoga.

Get extra dirty and sweaty

Stay out in the rain or spontaneously jump into that lake knowing your Lava towel will be there when you need to be clean and dry again.

Clean up and dry off yourself and your gear and hang your towel nearby to dry.

Now clean and comfortable, chill at the campfire or around a lively table with friends sharing a meal and reminiscing about your day’s activities.

Return home and start seeking more excuses to adventure so you can use your Lava towel again and again.

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Open-Air Competitors

Competitive outdoor athletes who refuse to compromise on quality and durability use their Lava towels to quickly wipe away the layers of sweat and dirt from themselves and their gear after every grueling outdoor effort.

linen gym towel

Urban Athletes

The athletes of the concrete jungle proudly stand out from the crowd as they use their Lava towels to wipe away the sweat during hot yoga or after a challenging gym or pool session.

Spirited Wanderers

After a great day spent on the water or the trail, lovers of the outdoors use their Lava towels to clean up and dry off, recalling the beautiful flora and fauna and the camaraderie they experienced throughout their adventure.

Leave your old towel high and dry

Upgrade to the Lava Eco-Adventure Towel