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The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Towels

Lava Washcloths | Limited Time

Fast drying and antibacterial, our linen washcloths offer everything desirable in a washcloth. It is our newest product, long awaited and in high demand.

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  • Women-owned, Women-run

    A mom, her daughters, and let's not forget their adventure-dogs. Based in Boulder, CO and St. Paul, MN.

  • luxurious travel towels

    Embrace the Wrinkles & Nubs

    The variances in fiber size that we call nubs in linen textiles, are the same natural variances that occur in the flax crop.

  • most eco friendly

    The Lava Linens Way

    From sourcing to creating to shipping to lifetime repairs, sustainable and eco-responsible practices are top of mind.

  • made to last

    Made to Last

    Every towel is meticulously hand sewn, in-house, in Boulder, Colorado. With durability as a top priority, we construct our towels with the highest quality French linen and reinforce every edge.

  • Save water, Save energy

    Not only do linen towels require less-frequent washing thanks to the naturally antimicrobial feature of flax, they dry quickly on low heat in the dryer.

  • When Outdoors

    From branches to pack straps, organic hemp hanging loops make it easy to dry your towel no matter where you are.

  • masters of linen certified

    Stand Out from the Crowd

    Whether at the gym or yoga, this towel will catch the eye of those around you.

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