One towel. Every adventure.

Lava Linens Ambassadors are outdoor enthusiasts and community builders who live life to the fullest, give great thought to the gear they use and love to authentically share their experiences with their engaged community.

We look forward to collaborating with you too! From homestead to trailhead, we want to make sure you are confident and ready for whatever is around the next bend with durable, responsibly-designed gear that performs well and is fun to use.

Offer your community an exclusive 15% discount, plus earn a 10% commission on every sale generated from your personal referral link.

At Lava Linens we aim to be respectful and inclusive minimalists. We take great responsibility in challenging the status quo to be better, do better and to leave this planet healthier than it is currently. This includes responsible travel and adherence to Leave No Trace principles.

If this aligns with your values, and you would like to be a Lava Linens Ambassador, click the 'APPLY NOW' button below.  

If approved, you will be provided with an Ambassador account along with a referral link and coupon code to share with your community.

As a small, new company, we’ve designed a hybrid Ambassador/Affiliate program. While we are not able to offer free gear to everyone, we’d love to hear more about your role in your community and how we could work together to help each other reach greater heights. At a minimum, we’d love to offer you 25% off our products. This is greater than any sale we run as a brand.

Regardless of your role in your community, be it on social media or in-person, we offer a 10% commission on every order we receive from your referral link. Learn more below. 

*Create and publish your content and add in the appropriate link/coupon code.

*For every website visitor you send we’ll track their activity over the next 30 days.

*Every time a visitor you send makes a purchase on during the 30 days following their first click you’ll get 10% commission.

*Monthly, we’ll send you a recap of how many sales you generated and pay you the 10% commission.