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Dry your Clothes Fast Without a Dryer: A unique approach

Drying clothes fast without a dryer is possible. It just takes a little know-how, a Lava towel and your wet clothes.

The typical method to dry clothes while away from home and without a dryer? You handwash them, manually wring out as much water as possible, lay them flat or hang them up, and then you wait…and wait…and wait for them to dry.

You've probably noticed that after washing your clothing, you can only wring out so much water. There must be another way to remove more water to speed up the drying process, right?

Oh, there is and as far as we know, it was our mom (co-founder of Lava) who came up with the technique when all five of us kids were swimming competitively. We all practiced at least once, sometimes twice, each day almost all year round.

One of the worst experiences related to swimming is having to put on a wet swimsuit. You may have experienced this too when visiting the beach or pool a couple of times in one day. A wet suit is a cold suit and it does not slide on like its meant to.

While this drying technique was ideated to dry our swimsuits faster, it also works extremely well to dry clothing. I’ve used this technique many times while traveling and camping in cold and dry to hot and humid weather. The latest was this winter in Mexico. My partner and I were staying at short-term rentals without a washer or dryer. We packed extremely light and washed our clothes a couple of times during our weeklong trip.

Often, we washed our clothes in the evening and needed them to be dry and ready to wear by the next morning including our jeans. Wondering how we did it? Check out the steps below.

Here’s how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer the Lava way:

  1. After washing your clothes either in a washing machine or by hand in a sink or dry bag, squeeze as much water as you can out of each garment. Avoid twisting your clothing as this may misshape them or damage the fibers.
  1. Next, spread out your Lava Classic or Lava Mini. If you don’t have a Lava towel, another towel will do. We tend to prefer Lava towels for their combination of high absorbency and quick-drying properties as compared to microfiber or cotton bath towels. 
  1. Place your clothes, one piece at a time, on the towel. Only fill half of the towel with clothing. 
  1. Next, fold the empty half of your towel over the clothing.
  1. Now, begin to roll up the towel.
  1. Once rolled, apply pressure to the towel. The additional pressure will aid the linen in pulling the water from the clothing into the towel fibers.
  1. Next, unroll the towel, lift off the clothes (notice how they feel almost dry?) and hang them up or lay them flat to dry the rest of the way.

You may repeat this process a number of times with the remainder of your clothing. When done, the final step is to hang your towel to dry.

With a process that just takes a couple of minutes, your clothes will now be dry many hours sooner!

Now that you know how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer, just think of how much lighter you could pack, not to mention how much faster you could get back out and about.

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