Care Instructions

To keep your towels in tip-top condition for years to come: 


  • Machine wash on gentle cycle with like colors.
  • Use a mild, eco-friendly detergent.
  • Use water up to 60 degrees.


  • Hand wash using a gentle swishing motion.
  • Make sure to mix the detergent in the water prior to adding the towels.
  • Do not twist or pull the linen.

Do not use bleach.
Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. These may inhibit the absorbency of the towel.

Dry on low to medium heat or hang to dry.

If hanging to dry, resist wringing it out first as this may damage the fibers. Instead, simply squeeze out the water using your hands without twisting the fabric. To soften the towel after hanging it to dry, shake it out and rub the towel against itself a few times. 

If hanging the towel outside to dry, do not hang in direct sun for long periods of time. Full sun may result in fading and deterioration of the fibers.

For stubborn stains:
Pre-treat the spot with Fels Naptha or a similar soap. (We suggest using Fels Naptha sparingly because it is not eco-friendly. However, it does wonders on stains that are otherwise impossible to get out.)

If you prefer to use a more eco-friendly option than Fels Naptha for stain removal, we suggest castile soap. 

Wash the towel after treatment in 60 degree water. At this temperature, the linen fibers should relax and release the stain. 

Tip: If using Fels Naptha, first soak the bar in a glass of warm water. Then rub the bar on the stain. Soaking the bar prior improves the soaps ability to penetrate the stain. 

We are very particular about the linen we source and how we construct your towels to ensure they last through your many years of adventures. By providing proper care, you will help ensure they do too!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions: or call us: 970.439.2590.

Any tips for removing stains with eco friendly soaps, we'd love to hear them! We are continuing to test various soaps as well.