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Customer Testimonials

“Out exploring the gravel roads of northern Minnesota. My Lava Mini has become a central piece of gear that accompanies me on every adventure and makes reducing my impact easy. From the hot yoga studio to the muddy Superior Hiking Trail, this towel is never left behind.”
-Alex Elizabeth

“One of the best dish towels (i.e., Lava Mini) I've ever had in my home. Nobody really rates dishtowels, but if they did, this one would rise to the very top.

This one IS damn well made towel, the fabric is slightly different from a plain towel, too. So if you want the best, look into Lava!”

-Max Hartshorne

"I was sweetly given a set of Lava Linens as a gift, and am totally in love with them.

The smaller one my baby uses as her bath towel - that's how much I love and trust this cloth :)

They are gorgeous hung on the wall which is an added bonus, but most importantly they are soft yet strong, wear beautifully with washing and use, and feel simply great. Thank you Lava Linens!"

-Alison C.
(Lava Duo Travel Towel Set)

"I just used the lava mini for the first time and it seems like the perfect size travel/camp/do anything towel.

I was pleasantly surprised at how absorbent it was and how quickly it dried. After my post-run shower I hung it out alongside my wet tech-running shirt to see how quickly it would dry and surprisingly the lava mini dried just as fast as my shirt.

It also seems like it's very well-made and durable. Seems like a great, all-around towel."

-Jared V.
(Lava Mini Travel Towel)

"Fantastic towel- linen is substantial and feels amazing.

It is so well made and I love the green color and the loop to hang it. Great product that packs well- took it to Norway!"

(Lava Mini Travel Towel)

"From the humid jungles of Costa Rica to the warm sandy beaches of the Pacific, from Colorado mud season to a quick workout at the gym - this towel has outperformed my expectations (though I hadn't used a linen towel before so I had no idea what to expect!).

My Gramps had a saying, "when you're wet, you're wet, and when you're dry, you're dry". I don't think there was any subtext to it, but this spunky little linen towels ability to dry has never been in question. When I was dry, I was dry. You know? By making the conscious choice to use this towel you'll be supporting small business and guaranteeing your perpetual dryness for years to come! (But only when you want to be dry.)"

-Dan R.
(Lava Classic Travel Towel)

"These towels would be great for athletes---especially triathletes. We are always getting wet and need an excellent product like this for our transition bags. I bet swimmers would love these, too!"

(Lava Mini Travel Towel) 

"From beginning to end, my Lava Linens experience was excellent.

I was looking for something to use on the trail and camping that wouldn't be smelly after a day or two. Lava Linens not only fit the bill, but went way beyond my expectations.

I like that there are two sizes to choose from--one I can pack and one I can have handy on the trail.

Both the materials and the construction are far superior to other products I've seen. It was evident at each step that the company takes great care with their customers and their products. Shipping progress was updated frequently. The box arrived when promised and had the information necessary to care for my purchase. And honestly, the packing itself was impeccable! Even a sticker!

Now I have beautifully made towels for my hiking and camping adventures--so beautiful that I almost hate to use them on the trail, but I will!"

(Lava Duo Travel Towel Set)

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