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Original Lava Classic Travel Towel | "This towel has outperformed my expectations!"


  • More absorbent per square inch and faster to dry per ounce than microfiber, the Lava Classic is the only large, quick-dry travel towel that doesn’t shed microplastics when used and washed. You’ll look forward to getting dirty so you have an excuse to use your Lava Classic over and over again.
  • Classic Original: 
    Dimensions: 27” x 45”
    Weight: 17oz  
    Two organic hemp hanging loops
    +Sustainably made by hand with responsibly sourced natural fiber materials + Masters of Linen® certified + Reinforced edges and seams + Biodegradable + Hypoallergenic + A denser weave than all other linen towels on the market (Linen Weight: 485g/m2) 
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While Adventuring, Traveling and Living the Van Life

• Use it as a bath towel to dry off after rinsing away the dirt from your latest outing. The cross weave will feel wonderful against your skin

• Use it as a tablecloth when you’d prefer to place a barrier in between your food items and the outdoor table

• Lie on it at the beach. It serves as a great barrier between your bum and the ground. Microfiber towels and beach towels tend to be debris magnets. Lucky for you, dirt, bark and sand won’t stick to this one!

• With a dry towel, quickly wipe away the dirt caked to your legs after a muddy ride or run before climbing back into your vehicle to head home. 

• Wrap it around your body for a classic “deck change” in the parking lot after your morning surf session.

• Dry off fully and wipe away the gravel stuck to your feet from the swim to bike transition of your triathlon.

• Keep yourself warm by using it as a blanket whether on a plane or as an extra layer in your tent.

At the Gym

• Dry off your hands so you can keep a tight grip on your weights or on the pullup bar. Because sweating should never hold you back from doing one more.  

• Lay the towel on the bench as a barrier between the bench and your head.

• Wipe the equipment clean after you use it. Linen is antimicrobial so no need to worry about taking the germs with you!

• Put it under your hands during your pushups in order to prevent slipping 

• Wrap it around your medicine ball to prevent it from slipping out of your arms

At Yoga or Pilates

• Dry off your mat and limbs during hot yoga or pilates so you can hold your poses longer without slipping

• Grip each end and use it as a longer yoga strap to help you stretch deeper. Linen is ultra durable and has little stretch making the Lava Classic an ideal tool for holding yoga stretches

In Your Home

• Use it as a bath towel

Lay it on the grass and use it as a barrier between you and the ground whilst reading a book or potting plants

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