One Towel. Every Adventure.

Lava Linens provides environmentally responsible outdoor enthusiasts with the most durable and most sustainable adventure towels in the industry.

We do this by setting the highest standards when it comes to quality and functionality while responsibly sourcing only premium, natural fiber materials that perform amazingly and that adhere to strict traceability, environmental and social responsibility standards from seed to fiber to fabric.

Our Core Values:


Respect the environment, our employees and the employees of our suppliers by sourcing raw materials that minimally impact the environment and that were created by companies that adhere to fair labor standards.


Elevate those around us making a difference by amplifying their efforts: and our employees by supporting their ventures including becoming masters in their field.


Provide premium quality eco-responsible option for our fellow adventurers.

The beginning...

In 2016, Mary, our CEO and co-founder, sought an ultra-durable, natural fiber towel for a year of backpacking abroad. She had grown tired of using microfiber towels due to their less-than-stellar-performance and their contribution to microplastic pollution. 

Because nothing on the market met her needs, she turned to her mom, a textile expert, to help her research and develop the perfect travel towel. Made of flax fibers, instead of microfiber, the towel they created quickly became a favorite, must-have travel item. 

“We knew we had created something special that so many others, like us, would love. We’re so thrilled to be able to share our Lava Linens creations with you!” Mary Swanson, CEO + co-founder