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Towel Sizes at Lava: Originals & 2.0s

March 19, 2020

Towel Sizes at Lava Linens

Explore Our New Towel Sizes and Colors!

At Lava, we’ve redesigned our towel sizes for 2020! We put together a convenient table to help you find the best towel for you. Check it out below!


What are the Main Differences for 2020?

  • The Classic 2.0 is slightly larger than the Original Classic
  • The Mini 2.0 is rectangular instead of square.
  • The Classic 2.0 and Mini 2.0 come in two additional colors: Skonsses Black and Rabida Red!


How do we size our towels?

When sizing our towels we aim to answer two questions:

  • What towel sizes will offer adventurers the most versatility and functionality for a variety of activities and situations?
  • How can we size our towels to fit our fabric width perfectly to assure zero fabric is wasted?

For our first round of towels, we knew we needed to provide a couple of options to meet the various demands towels. One was that we needed a towel comparable to a hand towel for the minimalists and light packers and a towel comparable to a bath towel for those who have space in their pack for a larger towel and prefer more coverage based on their activities.


Why did we modify our sizing?

Over time, through testing and by listening to our customers, we noticed that if we added a few inches to our Classic in both directions we could increase the usability and comfort for many. So we decided to do just that with our 2.0 version. You’ll notice in the table above, we added 3 inches in one direction and 7 inches in the other increasing the overall square inches by 21 inches.

For those who don’t feel the extra few inches is necessary, the Original Classic is a great option.


How do we assure zero waste?

When designing the original Lava towels, we made sure to size the towels to use the full width of the fabric so none would go to waste. Because we resized the Classics for the 2.0 version, we needed to also resize our Minis to again guarantee zero wasted fabric. As a result, the Mini 2.0 is slightly rectangular rather than square.

While we use the entire width of the fabric, sometimes there are a few inches of fabric left over at the end of the bolt. That is where our samples come from. We offer a free sample of each color to anyone interested in seeing the colors and feeling the material prior to choosing their perfect adventure towel. We also use this leftover material to patch and repair towels damaged by the most rugged of adventurers through our lifetime repair program.


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