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Social Distancing: How to Make the Most of It

Social distancing is all about limiting our contact with people and avoiding large groups. If we take it seriously right now, we increase the likelihood that Covid-19 will affect far fewer people. In other words, our actions now will save the lives of our family members, neighbors and friends. 

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Unfortunately, by implementing social distancing, you may have just canceled your spring break trip. Or maybe you'll be working from home and having to cancel your get-togethers.

For those of us busy-bodies, this might seem like a very frustrating time. That's why we put together a list of ways to keep busy and curious.


1. Explore your own backyard. 

Find a map of your area and locate the parks, trails, and other outdoor spaces that you have yet to explore or maybe you haven’t been to in a while. Then, make a plan, pack your things and head out. 


2. Get to know your local flora and fauna. 

Buy or rent a bird book or download a bird identification app to learn all about who those in your neighborhood. As spring approaches, birds will be moving in and through your area. How many are you able to name by size, color, song, etc.? What about the bees, other insects and the many plants soon to be sprouting and blooming?


3. Get inspired by reading about places and races.

Now is a perfect time to learn more about the places you are interested in visiting and becoming inspired by those accomplishing awesome feats. For those with an endless competitive drive, explore the ever-increasing number of destination races.

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4. Take stock of your gear. 

Now is a great time to go through your gear, clean and repair it and make note of what may need to be replaced soon. You could also spend time researching quality, eco-responsible brands, and products for your future adventures. It’s a lousy position to be in when you recognize at the last minute that something needs to be replaced. You'll have to quickly purchase whatever is most accessible but isn’t of the necessarily of the quality you desire. 


5. Organize your photos and videos from past adventures. 

Enjoy an afternoon reliving some of your favorite adventures as you page through your photos and videos. This may also be an ideal time to create that adventure collage wall you’ve had in mind for so long.  


6. While implementing social distancing, plan your next trip.

While you may not be heading anywhere soon, why not spend some time researching the place(s) you plan to visit next? Get to know the seasons, the celebrations, the culture, maybe even learn a few words in the local language.


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