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Goals for 2019 - How are Your Goals and Aspirations Holding Up So Far?

Remember to be kind, be patient and show compassion toward your goals for 2019. 
So often we reflect on the passing year with harsh criticisms about how we could have or should have been better. Then we create hefty goals that we expect will remedy past actions or inactions in the year ahead.   
Check out what Caitlin, our Chief Creative Officer and Co founder is aiming to accomplish over the next year.

Caitlin's Goals for 2019

Mygoals for 2019 are all about self-care and getting back to being my true self.
Step 1:
No longer compare myself and my life to others. Social media inundates us with everyone's idealized lives and experiences and it had actually started to make me feel inadequate. I was becoming overly critical of myself which in turn left me unhappy and in an anxious state. The tides are turning now as I've come to the realization of how silly that mindset is.
This leads to Step 2:
My second of two goals for 2019 is to prioritize what matters most to me - my mental health, my relationships, and my art. To do this, I'm getting rid of the noise and clutter in my life both literally and figuratively. This refreshed way of living won't all happen overnight. It'll take time and practice, but I'm ok with that. I'm just a week in to this new mindset and it feels f#ck!ng great (sorry, Mom).
Words of advice for others who feel similar - don't be so hard on yourself. Also, go to concerts on weeknights, eat that damn donut if you want to, stop obsessing over time. Work in pieces along the way.
Caitlin Dickman, Chief Creative Officer & Co founder
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